Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Fifth Joyful Mystery – Was it always so joyful?

Sometimes I get the goofiest images in my imagination. Not sure where they come from, but this is what I get with the fifth joyful mystery, finding Jesus in the temple.

You and the fam are caravanning back home after a big trip into town. You’ve partied, you’ve worshiped the Lord, you’ve probably done a bit of bickering, after all you are a family. Grandma’s tired and getting a bit cranky, the kids are restless, little Jesus is hanging with his cousins, the camel’s flatulence is especially bad today, you turn to Joe and say, honey, we really need to get a younger camel.

As night falls, everyone gathers for evening prayers and a meal, you look for your boy, you hunt down his cousins and ask everyone, but your stomach begins to sink because the kid is no where to be found. Oh krud. Joe, honey, I can’t find Jesus, he’s not with John, he’s not with James, he’s not here. You begin to get a touch panicky, thinking oh God, I’ve lost you, where are you? St. Anthony’s not born yet, so you can’t ask his intercession. What do you do? Nothing to do but turn and head back into town.

The whole way back you are really a bit twisted up with worry, but the hubby, he’s fit to be tied. “Oh for the love of Pete where is that kid, oh wait, we don’t know Pete yet. Never mind. That boy will be lucky to make it to his teens, when I get my hands on him I’m gonna kill him myself.” His jaw is set, his complexion is turning red, he’s got a unibrow from his scrunched up face. You’ve seen it before, you’re a married woman, you know full well when to pipe down and keep a low profile. And so onward you both trudge towards town in search of the kid who didn’t get on the bus.

You get to town and lo and behold you find the little sun of a gun. He gives you his tweener take on the situation, you being the parents take command of the situation and so he heads back home with you as planned. Joe’s still a bit miffed, so it’s a quiet trip back to Nazareth.

And so my little pin head turns as I pray the rosary, sometimes giggling out loud. It is the joyful mysteries after all. I know, I’m not normal.

Jesus I love you. I thank you for you. I thank you for my silly personality. I know you know I mean no offense, please don’t let anyone else take offense either. Amen.

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