Friday, November 30, 2007

Hon, we’re not in Michigan any more.

When Hubby and I first bought a production facility out west we thought we knew what we were in for. He’s LA born and raised, I lived there for a decade in my roaring 20s. His family had moved back up to the greater Seattle area after cashing out on the LA real estate market in the late 80’s so we had visited many times and were familiar with the area. We had even visited the little town our facility is in once before. We thought we were prepared. We were wrong.

I began to suspect that I had landed on another planet the first time I saw a real hippy. I mean the genuine article. VW micro bus, complete with beaded fringe, macramé and tie die as far as the eye can see, the ubiquitous Dead sticker, I think there may have been a couple of small mammals in the fellas beard. It looked like there was anyway. Oh, my.

Folks would ask me how I liked the place, so I began to make some mental comparisons between the two towns I live in:

MI: Relay for Life – A community wide effort to raise money for cancer research.
WA: GLBTQ Pride Parade – I’m not even going to describe it.

MI: Share the Warmth – Churches throughout the town working to provide homeless shelter.
WA: The Recycle Police – You get the picture.

MI: Care Pregnancy Center – A community wide effort to end abortion, and support pregnant women.
WA: The Food Co-Op – A subsidiary of the recycle police: A community wide effort to guilt people into overpaying for recycled stuff.

MI: Farmers who spend their whole lives working the earth to feed people.
WA: People who spend their whole lives working to save the earth from people, usually by way of a plan designed to eliminate the people.

It would be kinda funny if it weren’t for the fact that every time I go out there I have the most intense nightmares. It has happened to regularly that I’ve come to believe it is a spiritual attack. It’s like the demons say, ha, ha, ha missy, you’re in our house now. I take my holy water, my Padre Pio oil and bless the condo, myself, Hubby, and anyone else that will let me bless them, but I still have a rough time out there. The parish in the town is really quite orthodox. I thank God for that. The Mass times are convenient so I go to Mass more when I’m out West than when I’m in Michigan. They have Adoration at a convenient time so I still go every week, but still it’s like living in the Devil’s playground.

I think about how sensitive I am to the environment in one little American town and I feel for all of the people through out the world who are living under institutional oppression rather than cultural oppression. It must be so much worse.

Lord, teach us to pray, and help us to be ever mindful of our Christian Brothers and Sisters through out the world. We ask for your protection, for St. Michael’s defense and Our Lady’s prayers for ourselves and all your people. We ask this through Christ our Lord, Amen.

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