Friday, December 7, 2007

The Fourth Glorious Mystery – Jesus Comes for His Mom

When I pray the Rosary I get images of the events. To keep myself focused I imagine all of the people around, what they were like, where they are now, what was life really like at that moment in time. The mystery of the assumption is a bit different. We don’t know a whole lot about the assumption. No one was around to witness the event that we know of. It was just between Mary and God. There wasn’t even an Archangel on the scene as far as we know and so my mind is filled with this image.

Our Lady’s earthly body has died. I believe the Eastern Church refers to this as Mary’s Dormition. So how does she get to heaven, how do any of us get to heaven? Do our guardian angels guide us, Our Lady couldn’t very well guide herself.

I imagine Jesus himself coming for his mother. I picture him standing next to her as if to wake her from sleep. I imagine him gently stroking her cheek and softly kissing her forehead. I picture her opening her eyes and smiling at her son, whom she loves so dearly, her son whom she has followed loyally all of her life. I imagine Jesus picking her up and carrying her to heaven in very much the same sort of way she holds him in the Pieta. I imagine all of heaven rejoicing that the Queen is on her way home and waiting with joy for her arrival. And then I imagine her praying with her court, waiting and watching like a mother who’s teenage kids are out for the evening. Waiting for all her children to come home, and I can’t wait to get home so I can meet her in person one day.

Mother Mary protect us under your mantel all the days of our lives. Commission your army to protect us in this life and to carry us home to heaven our true country. Pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

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