Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It was the best of days, it was the worst of days

Yesterday that is.

Early in the day I called our west coast office to check in. One of my co-workers out there, a young married woman with a pre school child casually mentioned having gone to Church on Sunday. I kept quite and listened as she talked to me for almost a half hour about an intro to Christianity program she and her husband have been attending at a contemporary Lutheran Church for the last twelve weeks and how now they are attending this Church too. Her husband was not raised in any faith, but man he’s really taking to it she tells me and she is really enjoining reading the bible. She’s in Matthew she tells me. I quickly Google the program and see it’s pretty solid and she attending a Lutheran Church. Whoo, just a click away from the Catholic Church she was raised in.

I inquire if her husband is considering being baptized and if the baby has been baptized just to drop a couple more seeds and tell her that John is my favorite gospel. I pray a prayer of gratitude for her and for God’s call on her life and her husband’s openness to the gospel, and ask you all to pray for her too.

Later in the evening as Hubby and I are sitting next to the fire in our hearth room we get a text message w/ an ultrasound photo. “This is Gabriel today” it announces. Gabriel what a cool name I text back. My Sister-in-law calls to tell me all about the IVF procedures that brought little Gabriel into existence. She tells me about the 27 eggs and the 6 embryos and how the insurance pays for it all. She tells me about the 3 embryos that were transferred and how the docs suggested only 3 since at her age all 6 would most likely take.

I’m wondering about Gabriel’s siblings that got transferred and why we don’t see their ultrasounds but did not ask, I wasn’t confident I could keep my cool, so I just didn’t go there. I did ask about the 3 cryofrozen babies and come to find out the insurance doesn’t cover that and well gee it’s $4,000 per year to freeze them so swoosh away go your troubles down the drain I’m guessing. Again, I didn’t ask specifics I tried to err on the side of diplomacy and not point out the murder of 5 of her children as she was showing us pics of the one the doctors choose to keep. Somehow the timing just didn’t seem right. I did however mention that she could have put the 3 that didn’t get transferred up for adoption. Interestingly she didn’t know you could do that. No, I’m thinking, the doctors never do mention that.

Judie Brown’s blog had some interesting information about IVF “It is estimated that in the United States alone this market is $3,000,000,000 per year. That’s right—three BILLION! The money is one of the biggest reasons why it is so difficult to oppose these technologies and to work for the outlawing of such practices. “ Indeed.

And so I prayed last night, for my co-worker and her family, for my Sister-in-law and her family, and for us all.

Lord, have mercy. You tell us that you will do whatever we ask in your name and so I ask in the Name of Jesus, the name above all others, the only name by which men are saved, I ask for the salvation of all those whom life puts in my path. From family to co-workers to the folks I pass in the supermarket, Lord I ask you to call each and every person by name. I ask for an abundant outpouring of the Holy Spirit on their lives, I ask you to open their eyes to your truth, I ask that you make disciples of each and every one of them. I ask in your name that all evil spirits around all of these people be bound and silenced, that they may hear your voice alone. Finally, I ask Our Lady and her whole heavenly court to intercede for us, to protect us under her mantel, to pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen.


Jennifer F. said...

The world of reproductive technology is getting so scary. I will definitely join you in that prayer!

Anne Marie said...

I've found that the money really does drive the IVF bus. We would have loved to have adopted the other five, but God knows what he's doing, and now they play with the angels rather than being stuck in the permafrost playground.