Friday, April 18, 2008

When You See the Adoption Agency's Number on Caller ID – Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid.

So there it was on my caller ID when I got home, and yes there is a voice mail. We’ve got history, Hubby and I and the adoption agency, so I’m never sure what to think when I see their number. The voice mail just says call, and it’s been a few months since I’ve spoken with them, so I call back in the morning. Wait till 9:30 sorta nonchalant like.

Our worker isn’t in but they seem to be expecting my call put me right through when I give them my name. The worker I talk to tells me about a nine year old boy who is available for adoption. Only child whose mom ditched when he was 2 and whose father’s pass time was drunken beatings of the child. The boy was pulled from the home in 05’ but they returned him. This time they terminated parental rights because the dad broke the boys’ jaw on Christmas Eve explaining to the youngster that “this is what Christmas is all about”. She tells me he’s a cutie and is adjusting well with out the need for medications and is trying to learn the soldier dance ( little ditty my nephew demonstrated for me today) etc. Are you interested she asks?

Well we are open to what ever God has in store for us I tell her, and ask if I can talk to the current foster parents. She tells me that with this type of situation xyz meetings are set up so I ask to see a picture. She tells me they can’t put the picture out in the public domain. I tell her to go ahead and set up xyz meetings and ask if I can stop by to see the picture. She tells me that would be ok. I tell Hubby about the situation and he wants to stop into the agency to see said picture as we are out running errands. So we do.

At the agency I ask to see the boys picture at which point they send out a third worker to tell us that we need a home study. We have had a home study for almost two years we tell them. Well you have a foster home study, you need an adoption home study she says, and until you have that we can’t talk to you about any one child, once you have the home study we will see if any children are available and talk to you about them at that time. OK, patience worn very thin, we beat a hasty retreat to the door to await the next confusing move in our adventure in adoption or not adoption, or foster adoption, or whatever this odd little experience is about.

The only thing I am certain of is the plight of these kids. There are thousands of them and only the ones who are physically abused are actually pulled from their abusive homes, and only then after something as serious a broken jaw. It’s horrifying. I am firmly convinced that the deterioration of the family, a direct result of our contraceptive mentality, is destroying an entire generation on one level or another, and the kids we are looking to adopt are among the most seriously injured. Please pray for them.

Mother Mary pray for these children, pray for those trying to help them, send your angles to protect them. Pray for healing of our families and our nation. Amen.

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Jennifer F. said...

That is just so heartbreaking.

I am firmly convinced that the deterioration of the family, a direct result of our contraceptive mentality, is destroying an entire generation on one level or another.

I could not agree more. I think that most people just have no idea what the contraceptive mentality is doing to our world.