Friday, May 23, 2008

Man I Feel Like a Woman - Authentic Femininity vs. The Feminist Ideal

This is a topic that just keeps cropping up for me. What is authentic femininity, what is Godly womanhood, who has God made women to be, and what does natural law have to tell us on the topic? Conversely, what is the feminist view of womanhood, the media’s view, and how about the culture at large?

As he always seams to, God has been guiding me to insightful writing as these topics steep in my brain. Jennifer Roback Morse goes right to the heart of the matter.

"… feminism is a revolt against the human body." …"feminism is a revolt against nature."

The various forms of feminism have tried to teach us that our "real self" exists somehow independently of our gender. According to some feminists, gender differentiation is a cosmic injustice, that demands correction or compensation. More modest forms of feminism hold that gender differentiation is insignificant, or irrelevant to anything important. And the social changes that feminism has inspired have attempted to minimize anything distinctively feminine. The proper goal for a woman, especially an intelligent, promising woman, is to behave exactly as a man her age would. She should get an education, pursue a career, and work long hours to establish her financial independence.

Read the rest here: Feminism: An attack on the human body

Our Lady of Good Counsel pray for us.


Bill Donaghy said...

Hi Anne Marie,

Thanks for your comment on my blog, and sorry for the delayed response! I love your blog,and I'll be sure to visit often! This post reminded me of the struggle that took place in the Garden of Eden. Eve's reaching out and grasping that forbidden fruit was akin to the grasping that lies at the core of an unhealthy feminism, the kind you speak of. There is something biological and theological stamped in a woman's person that speaks of receptivity, and an openness to the Gift. A denial of this identity always spells disaster. I think we need to be clear though, that this receptivity is not "passivity".... I've heard it said that in the Greek translation of Mary's yes to God's Gift ("Let it be done unto me as you say") there's a sense of action "I want deeply that this be done unto me." It shows an active desire. Anyway, long comment on a short post! Love your insights!

Katie said...

Excellent, excellent link, thanks!

When I was a die-hard feminist, I never thought I'd find what I'd been searching for as a woman in the Catholic Church. Funny how life works :)

Anne Marie said...


My nephew and I are looking forward to following your confirmation adventure.


Life does take funny twists and turns. One of the things I find myself doing as I draw deeper into the mystery of Christ is questioning all of the attacks on him and his church. Sometimes it seams as if the more vicious the attack the more likely the church’s position is correct. In fact it was protestant attacks on the church that got me looking into Catholic doctrine to begin with. It just sort of seams that time after time the church has the truth even when every single voice outside the church is attacking or rejects the church’s position.

Are you working up conversion story part II? No pressure or anything but I am curious about the rest of the story.

Katie said...

Part II is in the works! I just got back from a weekend out of state, I hope to have it up in the next few days :)