Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Boy Likes Rap

So it begins, the parenting I mean. The kid hasn’t moved in yet, but I’ve spent several hours on line educating myself about Rap music, something I personally could care less about, until now. I suppose he identifies with the pain in this music, even Christian Rap is full of pain. I’m hoping we can redirect him to more hopeful musical messages.

He wants to change his name, first middle and last. It’s not uncommon for kids from abusive backgrounds to want to change their name, I’m told it helps them to feel safe, makes them feel like they won’t be found by their abusive families.

“What would you like to change your name to?”

“Soulja Boy.”

“I don’t think so.”

How would that play out fifty years from now? “Grandpa Soulja Boy, can we go to the park today?” Somehow I just don’t think so. “How did you get the name Soulja Boy?” “Well my parents let me change my name when I was adopted.” Ah, No.

It’s a very interesting thing to come into a child’s life – as a parent – midstream. It’s interesting not having any sense of his personality. What will be the best way to influence him? What are his likes and dislikes, aside from Rap music? How will we teach him about God? Certainly the child knows about sin and its destructive impact. Will he be open to Jesus’ healing, because ultimately it will be Jesus who heals this boys hurts, not us. I just pray that we are humble enough to allow him to work through us keeping in mind that we are just bit players in God’s plan of salvation. I’m hoping Hubby and I remember that WE need to cling to the Lord in the weeks and months to come because I have a feeling that like everything in life this ride could get a bit rocky from time to time.

Lord be our light and our guide, lead us by your path. Keep us from sin and protect us from all anxiety. Amen.


Katie said...

Oh, that's so cute and sad at the same time. Even from here I can feel the Holy Spirit working in your family. I'm praying for you all!

Anne Marie said...

Thank you Katie.

Unrelated note, how's conversion story part III coming?

Katie said...

Oh boy, I haven't even started! ><

Jennifer F. said...

Anne Marie -

I may actually be able to say something helpful here!

I'll just go ahead and admit that I'm a huge fan of rap music. (It's always funny when I have my iPod on shuffle and it goes back and forth between Tupac and Gregorian chant.) Anyway, I've been trying to avoid songs that are directly opposed to Church teaching (which would be, oh, 99% of them) and yet I find most Christian rap is kind of weird and unsatisfying.

Anyway, one guy that I really, really like is Matisyahu, a Chassidic Jew. His music is "authentic" without being angry, and his messages are very orthodox (from what I've heard anyway, though I haven't heard all his songs). Check out this video for his song King Without a Crown and see what you think. It may be good transition music for your son.

As you can tell, I have a lot of thoughts on rap music. :)