Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fillet Mignon & Champagne or Big Mac & A Coke – The Choice is Ours

I spent time with my Cursillo group last evening catching up on the haps in each other’s lives. One of my friends is wrestling with “not getting anything out of the Mass”.

Sometimes we experience dryness in our spiritual life as Mother Teresa did, and sometimes we experience dryness in our spiritual lives as the prodigal did, but either way the Lord calls us to him as we walk in the desert. The only question is what will we choose.

The Mass is boring, I might as well be spiritual at home, she said.

How can the Creator of the entire universe humbling himself to feed us his very body and blood, allowing us to be present at the moment in time where he poured out his very blood and suffered for our sake, where he allows flawed and sinful men to bring him into the world really be all that boring?

Well I don’t plan to leave the Sacraments, she said.

But do you avail yourself of the Sacraments, do you accept God’s rich gifts? The gift of forgiveness, the gift of his grace to avoid temptation in the sacrament of reconciliation, or the gift of his very body and blood to heal and nourish you in the Blessed Sacrament? When was the last time you went to reconciliation?

I just talk to God to ask forgiveness, she said.

A fine place to start, but what Jesus both offers and requires of his people is to come to him in humility first in the confessional and then and only then with a contrite and clean heart to the feast of his body and blood, the sole source of eternal life.

Sometimes I marvel at the fact that I have any friends at all, I can be a little blunt.

I’ve been following with horror the desecration of the Blessed Sacrament by militant atheists. A topic Mark Shea covers at insidecatholic.com.

Yes, many of our Parishes are dry, the Mass can be boring, why is that? Why are evangelicals filled with a holy fire and we who consume the Lord’s body and blood ho hum about the matter? Is it any coincidence that atheists attack the Eucharist? Why not the bible that ALL Christians hold so dear?

The Lord lays before Catholics a banquet such as mankind has never seen, grace, peace healing and sweet refreshment for our souls. Satan lays before us pea pods left over after the swine have had their fill. If we aren’t able to see that perhaps we don’t have a proper appreciation of Heaven and Hell, perhaps we need a little reality check.

Fillet mignon & champagne or Big Mac & a Coke – The choice is ours.

Lord open the eyes of our hearts so that we may see you, love you, and appreciate the sacrifice you make for us each and every day. Amen.


Katie said...

"Sometimes I marvel at the fact that I have any friends at all, I can be a little blunt."

I know how you feel!

Our diocese newspaper had a piece in it recently by our Bishop reminding us that the Mass is primarily about God, not about us and how it makes us feel. Not that we aren't important, but when we think it's something that's main point is to give us the warm fuzzies, it's all too easy to cast it aside when it doesn't.

Anne Marie said...

Hi Katie:

This is one of those topics I have to really work to contain myself. It can really get under my skin when we take the Lord's gifts forgranted.

Of course if I get to carried away then folks kind of gloss over and tune out.