Friday, November 14, 2008

7 Quick Takes

Thanks to Jen at Conversion Diary for a cool Friday idea.

------1 ------

Mom to Son as he’s doing that kid on a mission asking over and over again about dinner plans thing.
“Give me a minute I need to finish and I can’t think straight.”

Son to Mom who’s a obviously a bit harried.
“Can you think diagonally, how bout side to side?”

Mom to son as he wiggles around trying to avoid homework (a behavior that’s been driving Mom to distraction all week)
“Not so fast buddy, there’s a new sheriff in town.”

Son to Mom with out missing a beat.
“There sure is, his name is Jack Welsh.”

The kid is a bit of a hoot.

------2 -------

The election blues are lifting. Alleluia.

------3 -------

My horse is back from MSU veterinary hospital and doing well. His surgery wounds are healing, his breathing is normal, and his energy level is good. The veterinarian (I’ll call him Dr. Kavorkian) who recommended putting him down seams to be amazed.

He was equally amazed that the horse improved dramatically after I went up to visit him on the day he recommended euthanizing him. I haven’t told him I had every confidence that laying hands on the animal, asking for St. Francis’ intercession and anointing him with Padre Pio blessed oil would help.

The horse's time will come, as it will come for us all, but I wasn’t going to take Kavorkian, DVMs recommendation with out asking our Lord to intervene first.

------4 ------

Air travel has gotten ULGY!!!!

Hubby was scheduled on a flight out of Detroit Metro to Sacramento yesterday evening to take the California contractor’s exam this morning at 7:15am. His 6:00 pm flight was canceled and their solution was to take a flight today instead. Not going to work with a 7:00am exam, they refused to help. He booked the last flight out of DTW on another carrier, got as far as Chicago and then had the leg to Sacramento delayed 4 hours with the caveat that it may not fly at all.

Hubby arrived in Sacramento at 3:30am, his rental car place was closed, didn’t open until 8:00am.

Buying a second ticket = $350.00

Cab ride to contractors exam = $65.00

Passing the exam after all night travel to get there = Priceless

------5 ------

My son is going with my dad to the game at the Big House tomorrow, (Michigan stadium for the uninitiated). It’s supposed to be spitting rain and snow all day tomorrow. Yuck, but they are both looking forward to it.

I was unsure how an adopted child would be welcomed into the family, but both Hubby’s dad and my dad have been great with our son, and I’m so grateful. Thank you Jesus for such wonderful men.

------6 ------

The boy is a big Michigan fan, came out of the box that way. It works. I’m an alum. He says he would like to go to school there. If he does he will be a fifth generation legacy. I was the first generation to bolt from Michigan for graduate school. I declined to follow my ancestors into the legal profession. I was a rebel, what can I say.

------7 ------

I’ve been working really hard to attend daily Mass for the last several weeks. It is such a blessing. The Grace our Lord pours out helps so much in the day in day out battles of life, which is a good thing because it seams that when we draw closer to God the battles multiply. Satan is such as pest.

Hi Everyone. Now bye. (From The Boy)


Katie said...

He does sound like a hoot! I love how kids' minds work(well, most of the time, I wasn't too amused when my toddler smeared butter all over the kitchen cabinets and floors yesterday).

I'm so glad your horse is doing well!

Candace Jean July 16 said...

Thanks for the well-wishes and I wish you and your horse peace and comfort. In the courtyard of the hospital I work at is a statue of St. Francis and I have spent lots of time there lately. And crazy as it seems, I have been comforted (or allegedly my dog has been comforted) by "other dogs" on Doggyspace. I seriously can't believe I am a part of the Puppy Prayer Chain, but hey, strength in prayer and strength in numbers. Thanks for stopping by, Big Ten friend!

Abigail said...

"Satan is such a pest!" That's the truth. So glad that the Mom thing is going well. Hugs!