Friday, November 21, 2008

7 Quick Takes

Jen at Conversion Diary is hosting 7 quick takes again. Thanks Jen!


I have a new favorite author. Taylor Caldwell's book, On Growing Up Tough was a great read. Published in 1971 her take on the culture wars is stunningly insightful and frankly prophetic.

“When I surveyed the hippies on the University of Buffalo campus recently, my first anger was suddenly dissolved into pity for them. They are the Godless, the abandoned, by parents and teachers and the clergy. Their youth made them even more piteous. For their parents and grandparents took away their holy heritage, in this age of materialism and affluence, and too many of the clergy have led them astray into secularism.”

Her book should be mandatory reading for high school as well as college graduation. She represents the conservative viewpoint very, very well.


I had the most vivid dream last night.

The setting was 16th or 17th century French provincial; I was in a church holding a sleeping four-year-old boy on my lap. I was sitting in a comfy armchair near the back, it was nighttime and the church was empty and dark except for votive candles and I was dozing off. Near dawn a man came and was lying in a fire in a fireplace near the statue of St. Joseph. He didn’t speak to us, but I woke the boy and told him it was near time for the Mass so we needed to go outside to get ready.

When we got outside it was dead of winter cold with the sun breaking over the horizon, the air was still, and clear, and there were several hundred people lined up waiting to come in for Mass. The boy seamed surprised. I told him we needed to go join the others for Mass, and that’s when I woke up.

It was one of those dreams that are clear as can be and the feeling you had when you woke up stays with you all day.


We have new additions to the family.

When you live out in the country people drop off their unwanted pets with great regularity. This week we have added three kittens and a dog.

We don’t usually keep the dogs but this one has stolen our hearts and well the rest is history.


Hubby has been on the road this week and I’ve found myself hitting the drive through for every other meal. I can’t seam to find the time to cook when he’s gone. I’m guessing that means he does a whole lot more around the house than I give him credit for.


Which leads to my next observation. How in the world do single parents manage? That’s a divorce buzz kill right there.


Which leads to the marriage plank of the culture wars.

Video: Christians run out of the Castro district in San Francisco

Text: Here's the back story from Michelle

And a little closer to home.

Video: Radicals distupt church in Lansing Michigan

Text: The Church's Info Page on the Incident.

Jesus said we would face persecution. Pray that we will be as strong as our brothers and sisters in the faith who’ve faced persecution before us.

St. Thomas More, St. Joan of Arc, all holy men and women, pray for us.


Katie at Just Another Catholic Mom (I can't get the link & text to play nice) was kind enough to nominate me for a blog award.

I'm so blogger challenged and can't get the icon to show up!!!

This award acknowledges the values that every blogger shows in his/her effort to transmit cultural, ethical, literary and personal values every day.

Thank you very much. I enjoy your blog too!!!

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Jennifer F. said...

#3 - we had that happen too when we lived in a rural area. Surprisingly, the "dumped" unwanted pets ended up being some of the best pets we've ever had.

Loved your Quick Takes!!