Sunday, November 23, 2008

Woman makes soap - Husband lives to tell the tale

Today is a great day to learn to make soap.

It’s sunny but cold. Can’t play outside.
Hubby is back home. He and the boy can play NCAA football all day.
The boy’s Rite of Acceptance was today. The countdown is on to the Easter Vigil and all three Sacraments of Initiation yippee.

Yep it’s a good day to begin a new hobby.

So I’m following along slavishly with Small Notebook’s Beginner's Guide to Soap Making and things are going well.

It’s time to pour into the makeshift mold I’m using and I need another pair of hands. I ask Hubby to help and he’s there in a flash. As he’s scraping out the pot he decides he wants to sample and the spoon goes up to his mouth.

“NOOOOOOO, I’m making soap,” I holler a little to late.

“Oh, I thought you were making banana bread or something, but I thought it was nasty.”

Next he’s dipping his hand into the sink full of water to rinse his mouth.

“NOOOOOOO, that’s the sink with lye dishes.”

“Man it’s a rough day to be in the kitchen with you.”

“Dude I just asked for help pouring into the mold, I wasn’t trying to kill you.”

He’s not kidding when he says it’s best for him to stay out of the kitchen.

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Rachel said...

I'm so glad you tried it! And good news - since it didn't burn your husband's tongue, it's pretty much guaranteed to turn out well!