Friday, December 19, 2008

7 Quick Takes - The Snow Bound Edition

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I don’t get Twitter. I feel like I’m at the tower of babble when I’m on their site.


I’m not a fan of old movies, but I watched The Bells of St. Mary’s the other day anyway. It was the longest two hours of my life.

Want to see the frantic increase in the pace of our lives over the last fifty years? Watch a half hour of an old black and white movie, or even a sitcom like Mayberry RFD, and follow it immediately by a half hour of say The Sarah Conner Chronicles.

Is it really all that surprising that ADHD is a problem? If the programming we watch is presented in ADHD format is it really such as surprise that kids respond to life in an ADHD way?

What I’m wondering is how much of the current frantic pace of our culture is media driven, how much is market driven, to what degree are we simply lemmings in the pipeline, and if in fact we are lemmings, in who’s pipeline?

Who exactly is setting the pace of my life, and if it’s a bit to chaotic how do I wrestle back control?


And speaking of media influence and the culture at large I loved this article by Cheeky Pink Girl Hanna Montana - Embryonic Kiddy Porn. I especially loved the photos she has of Marsha Brady and Hanna Montana child “icons” of their respective ages.

She points out that Marsh Brady looks like an awkward teen and Hanna Montana looks like a soft porn star. I’ve been mulling over the comparison ever since I read the article.

Seriously, would Marsha Brady have done a semi nude photo shoot for a men’s mag? I think not. Even if she had considered such a thing, at least Alice would have the decency to put a stop to it.


The boy (our recently adopted ten year old son) is making a play for a sibling. He thinks a boy around his same age would do the trick nicely. We’ve been scoping out the Adopt US Kids web site and have inquired about a few of the children. We’ve been cautioning him that it can be a very slow process, but he’s full steam ahead.

Raymond's (the boy pictured here) profile ends with this:

“Raymond says it is getting harder to keep hopeful about finding a forever family. Raymond has siblings that are adopted and hopes his new family will help him keep in contact with them.”

Put yourself in their shoes for a few moments this Christmas season and please remember to pray for children who are in need of forever families.


And along the adoption of foster children lines….

Home for the Holidays is airing its 10 anniversary episode on CBS next Tuesday at 8:00pm.

I watched two years ago and it is as cute a tear jerker as can be. I couldn’t watch last year, we had too many adoptions fall out and my heart was too broken.

I think we will all watch together this year. Who knows maybe we’ll find Chris’ sib(s) right on national TV.


I would like to become a gracious hostess, but I don’t exactly know how. I’m unsure of what is typical or customary in terms of food, or entertainment. I’m not sure how to bring people together to get to know one another, like say the neighbors I’ve lived next to for the last twelve years, only two of whom I’ve ever met.

Of course when I say next to I’m talking a quarter mile down the road or more, but still.

And what about business associates, do ya just throw everyone together in one room and sit there awkwardly? Are there any activities that are good ice breakers? How about conversation starters?

Hubby and I have been working non stop for the last couple of decades and well I’m ready for a bit of community.

So how do I get there from here?


I created a bucket list the other day:

1 Permanently loose 15 to 20 lbs. I’m sick and tired of being chubby.
2 Learn how to play piano.
3 Learn how to speak Spanish (properly).
4 Take one of Steve Ray's pilgrimages to Israel. Our Parish has one tentatively scheduled for January 2010, and I'm so there!
5 Learn how to garden in Michigan. It’s way different from California and I’ve never gotten the hang of it.

It’s a pretty short list, I should be able to do this stuff!!!

Well we’re crazy snow bound today so the boy and I will be baking up a storm this afternoon. Not so sure that will help with losing the baby fat, ah well it’s Christmas.

Merry Christmas Everyone!


Jennifer @ Conversion Diary said...

Ack! I want to comment on all of these but I only have a second so, quickly...

#4 - What a great reminder.

#6 - This may come as a surprise given my talk of how socially awkward I am, but my husband and I used to host get-togethers regularly. What we found is that people were craving a sense of community as much as we were and were incredibly grateful to be invited to events for any occasion.

We were very liberal with our invite lists for each event -- we'd invite anyone and everyone and encourage them to bring friends if they wanted to. It always brought together a great mix of people.

I found that the three key things for setting a good tone for a party (in order of importance) are:

1. Lighting
2. Background Music
3. Snacks or food (this doesn't have to be elaborate AT ALL, just something to munch on)
4. Wine or other drinks

If you have nice, low lighting, some appropriate music playing in the background, something for people to snack on and some bottles of wine, your get-together will definitely be a hit. Just choose an occasion and start inviting everyone you know!

Also, if you want some inspiration for how to be an uber-hostess, check out this blog: Scroll through their archives and be amazed. :)

Debbie said...

Oh nice 7 Takes. I must think about a Bucket List. I am just afraid to put them down on paper. Must have courage!

Heather said...

Your #4 brought tears to my eyes. As an adoptee, I have a tremendous amount of sympathy for adopted kids. I hope to one day adopt at least one child. I'm so glad you had an adoption finally work out for you. God bless.

Christine said...

#4 made me cry! Thanks for bringing awareness to me too. I didn't realize that there are older children looking for adoption here in the US, when so many people I know adopt a baby and seem to have a hard time or go to great lengths to find one.

And I'm going to check out the link for #3. Thanks - I really enjoyed your quick takes.

pearlsoftruth said...

As a 1st time visitor to your blog, I loved your 7 Quick Takes...

I am with you on the 'Twitter' thing. I just don't get it...

Also, the Marcia Brady comparison... spot on! Oh,how the times have changed, and not for the better in many instances...


Anne Marie said...

Thanks ya’ll for visiting! I’ve added Raymond’s photo to the post about Adopt us Kids.


I have been cautiously checking out the 4 Reluctant Entertainers site. I started with having the mom’s of the boys at our son’s birthday overnight over for a visit, and I think it went ok, so I’m gearing up for our company Christmas party on Tuesday this week. I’ll have to remember the tunes; I didn’t have tunes with the moms.


Ya the bucket list is a touch intimidating, but I was so focused on becoming a mom for so long that I sort of back burnered several things I kind of wanted to do and now they are popping up all over the place. I kind of wanted to bring them into focus.


It’s good to hear from an adoptee that wishes to adopt. I know adoption is not perfect for anyone, and I’ve read of some who are very angry about being adopted. There are so many older children in need. Keep an open heart for these kids when the time comes.


The baby quest is generally a greater focus, and I fully understand it. I’m occasionally bummed out I didn’t have our little guy when he was filling his dippers and learning to walk. All that stuff, but our experience with him has been awesome so far and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


You know I just jumped over to Twitter again today to see if there’s something there that’s really obvious and I just overlooking it, and well I just don’t get it!!

Charlotte said...

Thanks for the link!

Anne Marie said...

No Problem Charlotte - I really like your blog.