Friday, January 9, 2009

7 Quick Takes - The Blah, Blah, Blah Edition

Another edition of 7 quick takes brought to you by Jennifer at Conversion Diary


The Boy has picked St. Patrick as his confirmation Saint. His reasons: First, he’s Irish, and so is St. Paddy. Second, Sponge Bob’s side kick is named Patrick. Works for me.


In the interests of learning a bit more about St. Patrick the boy read St. Patrick's Summer by Marigold Hunt. What a great book!!! The catechism is excellent, the story is fun, and the characters are interesting. Highly recommend it for the grade school crowd and I enjoyed reading it myself. (Had to quiz the little critter to make sure he actually read the stuff you know!!)


I have an appointment with the Social Security Administration on Monday to fill out the paperwork for a new SS# for The Boy. It pays to get pushy, but why in the world is it necessary?


Two weeks off work is way too much for me. Enjoyed the time with the boy and the fam, but really two weeks. Hubby and I are three days of down time and then it’s time to go kind of people. Type A I believe they call that.

I’m sure if I weren’t working I would fill the time with a host of other interesting projects, like gardening and sewing, etc., but two weeks isn’t enough time to transition to full time domestic work.

If the building trades don’t pick up I may be transitioning sooner than I think. Good thing I really like homemaking / homesteading work.


And along those lines, making the “what if we don’t make it” contingency plan is very scary. Hubby and I have lived all of our lives with contingency plans. Before we were entrepreneurs the plans concerned only our little family. Now our contingency planning has a much further reach.

The very, very hard part is the fall out impact of our contingency plan. People will lose their jobs, suppliers and vendors will lose a client, landlords will lose a tenant, etc., etc.

If our company closes, there will be tears and it will be very hard, but he and I will be fine. We are very able to live frugally, we’ve done it before and we can happily do it again, but we are concerned for all of the other people who make a living at our company. We feel a great burden of responsibility for those people and the pain of closing our doors, if it comes to that, will be felt for them as much as for ourselves.


There are a number of blogs I’ve been looking at lately that are prettier than our company’s web sites. What the heck!!!! Our hostess Jen @ Conversion Diary helpfully suggested a class at a local JC. Turns out they teach both Photoshop and Dreamweaver our here in the boon docks. Who knew!!!


Turns out January 1st is a Holy Day of Obligation, the feast of Mary, Mother of God. This was the debate at our New Years Eve dinner table. I knew it was but let myself go along with the crowd (my brother’s family, who are practicing Catholics) and didn’t go to Mass the next day rather than be perceived as a Miss St. Holy Smarty Pants. To my knowledge this is my first mortal sin since my conversion. Mortal since it is grave matter and I had full knowledge.

I couldn’t go to confession last Saturday, so I didn’t receive communion last Sunday, but tomorrow I’m there!!! Hubby and I are both going and we will take The Boy along with us. Sort of use this occasion of mortal sin to teach the actual practice of the faith in real time. Sacramental absolution, is this a great faith or what?


Jennifer @ Conversion Diary said...

That's so cool that there are DW/PS classes there! I think that that is a great way to go. Again, you could learn it on your own, but it would probably be faster to just take a class.

#5 - Boy, I can relate. When our business was failing a few years ago we had to let go of some devoted employees (some of whom had families to support), and it was agonizing. BUT, it all worked out, and they all landed on their feet and completely understood that it was something we had to do.

God bless you guys. Have a great weekend!

Katie said...

St. Patrick is my husband's confirmation saint. He prayed for his intercession while I was in labor with our third daughter (vbac birth) and she actually ended up being born (no induction!) on St. Patrick's day. He's a great confirmation Saint :)

We also missed Mass the 1st, though ours was unintentional (uh, I was doing housework and just totally lost track of time!) I hate missing, though.

Anne Marie said...


Thanks for the suggestion on the DW/PS. I had kind of a duh moment there.


How cool about St. Patrick. Sometimes I forget ask him to pray for our son. I'll have to get in that habit.