Friday, January 16, 2009

7 Quick Takes - The Baby It's Cold Outside Edition

Number one

Mayday, Mayday

Temperature At This Moment: -16
Temperature Yesterday: -8

Situation Room Reports:

Icicles from in nose immediately upon exiting the dwelling
Dogs refuse to exit the dwelling
Snow crunches unnaturally under feet
Vehicles won’t start

Action Plan:

Contact Al Gore to discuss the merits of his opus, “An Inconvenient Truth”

Number Two

This is not a rhetorical question.

Can anyone who home schools, or has 4th graders tell me what’s typical with regards to the child taking responsibility for his own work?

My son does well in his schoolwork if I take complete direction of his studying for exams and completing course work. If I give him leeway and allow him to set the pace he tanks virtually every time.

Is this normal? When does a kid begin to make the connection about the effort required to get good marks on his tests? He enjoys getting the good grades and is upset when he does poorly, but the cause and effect factor hasn’t clicked yet.

Number Three

I’m not dieting.

However, I am working on detachment from food that Historical Christian talks about here, and Jen calls the Saint Diet (I can’t find the link). It’s going pretty well.

The overall plan is pretty simple – Don’t be a glutton, work on practicing the virtue of temperance.

That’s it.

I’m finding much greater peace with food.

Number Four

“Adult toys for $6.95 for all your needs at”

This is what came screaming out of my son’s radio, tuned to a country station this morning.


Since my letter writing to the Social Security Administration for a new number for my son is going well so far. I believe I will begin one to the local country station today as well.

Number Five

Spiritual Direction

Since I made my Cursillo spring of 05 I’ve been looking around trying to come up with a Spiritual Director. Jen our 7 quick takes hostess posts about the topic here, and she suggested contacting my dioceses. They had no info whatsoever on finding spiritual direction. Well that does NOT help!

It turns out our parish priest does spiritual direction so I’m going to see how that goes starting next week.

Number Six

Footprints of God Pilgrimage to Israel

The date is set for next January. I can hardly wait. Several people from our parish and our priest are going. We’re still looking to fill additional slots for anyone interested.

I am second guessing taking the boy however. He can’t sit still for to long, not sure it will be a good idea to take him.

We’ll see how it goes, a year is a long way off.

Number Seven

Homestudy Update is scheduled for next week

Some days I want to add more kids to the mix. Some days the kid exhausts me and I think no way.

Still I spend a lot of time surfing around on Adoptuskids where I find kids like Kaylynne.

Kaylynne is a lively and gregarious girl with a sweet personality and wonderful sense of humor. She has a "can-do" attitude and is a lot of fun to be with. Kaylynne is a very active child involved in competitive gymnastics, ballet, and cheerleading. She enjoys playing computer and board games, shopping, and going on family outings. Kaylynne also likes to sing and dance.Kaylynne attends regular classes at school where she earns A's and B's.

Please pray for these kids.


Katie said...

#1-It's about that cold here, too!

#3- I need to read more on this. My relationship with food is disordered.

#4- um....YIKES!!!

Heather said...

You might try letting him face the results of poor study habits. Explain to him that he is old enough to accept responsibility for his schoolwork and give him deadlines as to when work is to be completed. Then don't nag or constantly remind. Perhaps get a calender and write deadlines down on and keep it where he can see when things are due. 4th grade is certainly a good time to start learning time management. Better now than in high school (or worse - college). Right now, he's still young enough so that a few bad grades (if that should happen) wouldn't effect things academically. An added benefit is that he's home schooled, so any learning curve he may have with this is kept within the home and not at a school where he could be labeled as a slacker or unmotivated. I'm sure you know this, but kids tend to meet expectations, good or bad. It might take a while, but he will mature and learn how to manage.

Maria Therese said...

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When you get a chance, I'd love to hear from you. I did a search on your blog regarding infertility and you expressed so beautifully all the feelings I'm currently going through. Thank you so much for that!

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