Friday, February 6, 2009

7 Quick Takes – The “is Winter EVER Going to End" Edition

It's 7 Quick Takes time again, cruse on over and check out the fun!


MY WATER MAIN IS FROZEN. Frozen solid, as in we have no water in my house, as in we are living in a camp site, as in it may not thaw for weeks, as in ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! I HAVE NO WATER IN MY HOUSE…Oh this is bad, really bad. We have a silly garden hose strung from the barn to see if we can get water twice a day to the house for sanitary needs. Haven’t tried this McGiver solution yet mind you, but we bought the hoses after the well guys said sorry dude your out till spring. OK, winter just sucks, that’s all there is to it.


We are cutting back our staff’s hours across the board. This just breaks my heart; I’m getting a dear in the headlights thing going on when I’m at work these days. I have a post written about the topic, but I cry every time I work on it so it may take a few more days to get it out.


The boy has become a HUGE St. Patrick fan. He’s getting movies about St. Paddy, he’s got a cute little statue, we are praying a novena, and he pops off with “gee maybe I’ll be a Bishop some day too”. It’s really cute, I must say.


Speaking of which, he is determined to visit Ireland. What is it about the emerald isle that brings her children home with such a passion? Irish people make it a mission to visit Ireland in ways that other native sons simply can’t match. Sons of Erin long to see the motherland, even the little ones.


He has invited one of his friend’s families to the Easter Vigil Mass where he will receive the sacraments of initiation. They say they are thinking about coming. His friend’s dad is the head pastor at the local Nazarene church. That should be interesting. I always though it would be interesting to evangelize the local Protestant pastors, but I didn’t see it going down like this. Ah well, God knows what he is doing.


Every single group of kids I inquire about on the web site have been placed.

I inquired about these kids this week, if for no other reason than to find them a home, since I have the “these kids have been placed” golden touch.

I read this today on Aimee Wilburn's blog

the state of the culture is a reflection of the state of the interior of the human soul, a reflection of the measure by which Christ is truly dwelling in the soul, changing and remaking it into His image, and so working it out into the world, or not. It is what the great Catholic historian Christopher Dawson means when he says, “the great cultural changes . . . are the cumulative result of a number of spiritual decisions – the faith and insight, or the refusal and blindness, of individuals.” So the more we submit ourselves to Christ interiorly, obeying the Church in all things, developing our prayer lives daily, frequently going to confession and receiving the Eucharist, the more impact we can have on the culture – because then we really are following Christ, because it is Christ inside of us impelling us to do what He wills in the world, and filling our works with His power. It’s not just us deciding on something to do, and doing it under our own steam – a something that, if we’re not really close to Him, might not even be what He really wants!

Food for though for the whole weekend!!

God Bless and have a great week!!


Sara said...

good luck on the frozen water main thing. we had that a few years ago--we ended up staying in a hotel for 3 days because we couldn't flush the toilet. Eventually, the water and sewer guys came out and chiselled the ice out of the main cistern out under our intersection . . . what a mess. if you're on some sort of city water, it ought to be their responsibility to fix it.

mary grace said...

Love your blog! Thanks for sharing bits of your life!

Anne Marie said...

Sara: We are on a well so we are SOL on getting municipal help, but we do have a garden hose bringing water from the barn into the house. It's kinda what you might call rustic, sort of a Green Acres thing going on. We take the garden hose out in the AM and bring it in at night if the temperature drops below freezing. It could be a long spring.

Mary Grace: Thanks for the compliment. I feel like an awkward toddler when I write, but I like it so keep on swinging away. Plus the topics of Catholic teaching on reproduction and family life are so important to me I put my silly little 10 cents worth out there. Anyhow, thanks again.