Saturday, June 13, 2009

7 Quick Takes - A Tour of My World Edition



You know what makes me bat-shit-crazy? Bat shit. I have it all over my family room. Jen has her scorpions, and I have bats. They are simply disgusting with their little beady eyes; fur covered bodies and tiny little hands. And what’s with the way they fly? It’s just creepy. Darting and weaving all over the place with no rhyme or reason they swoop out after dark as we are peacefully winding down the day with Glen Beck. Yuck.


Glen Beck for president!!!

I doubt he would take the pay cut, but I think he could win. According to the 20/20 story his program is more popular than any other talking head program on the air and this gives me great hope for our nation. The man has really hit a nerve in particular with those of us in the “fly over” states. His take, politicians are out of touch and represent special interests above their constituencies and we foot the bill. Yea, I’m pretty fed up with that.


Hip Hip Hurray for Glen Beck’s Wife.

Apparently, according to Glen on the 20/20 interview, she’s hot. Before anyone get a different kind of hot and blow a gasket let me continue. She’s hot and SHE WOULD NOT HAVE SEX WITH HIM UNTILL THEY WERE MARRIED AND THEY WERE PRACTICING A RELIGION! So they joined the Mormon church. Well I’m not going to quibble about theology, the point is cultural.

What’s the point? The “sexual revolution” of the last 40 years has deteriorated our culture to near destruction, pelvic problems as our pastor calls it. What is the underpinning of the disconnect? Artificial birth control and its fall out sex with all comers (really sorry about that one). What’s the solution? Ask Mrs. Beck, she’s on to something here.



It’s permeating our culture and is shockingly blatant at the top levels of our nation’s leadership, as GMs bondholders know all to well. AmEx is in on the game in a big way. They have turned off our employee’s personal AmEx cards because our company card is behind. Understand that no employee has signed any sort of agreement to assume the company’s indebtedness for a card issued in their name, and AmEx has yet to produce any documentation supporting their action.

It gets better. AmEx has gone so far as to send a demand letter to each employee’s home. It gets even better than that. They made a demand in writing for the entire amount of the company’s outstanding balance not simply for the amount outstanding on an employee’s individual company card. I wonder what would happen if each of the ten employees actually sent in the full company balance, would they donate the overage to charity? I’m not holding my breath.


“We don’t have an economic crisis, we have a morality crisis.”

I’ve been chewing on this concept for weeks. It’s a comment made to be by a family friend I called for advice on investing in gold. When I see the lawlessness in our nations leadership as well as private institutions, the blatant disregard for any sort of standards or little things like our laws I have to say I agree with his assessment.


“You Said Everyone Was Taking a Pay Cut,...But They Didn’t”

I try really hard to be meek as instructed in the Gospel and as lived out in the lives of Saints like Therese of Liseiux, but my confessor keeps directing me to St. Jerome a man who was banned to the crying room during Mass because he got in his Bishop’s grill about something or other.

Why the parallel with St. Jerome and his hot temper? Well I think it has something to do with situations like these.

Our shop guys, the three that are left, banded together this week and came into HR, what’s left of it, demanding to know why they took a pay cut and the two guys out in Washington… who are closing up our Washington shop…permanently….didn’t take pay cuts.

Good news…these boys are still alive. Bad news… I hurt their feelings.


Google is a Godsend for those of us who can barely spell our own names.

My 10-year-old son spells better than I do. Thank goodness he’s around to ask most of the time, but for those times when he’s not, and Word just is not picking up what I’m laying down, there’s my faithful companion Google. He always gets me. And he asks so politely, “did you mean parallel” when I’ve typed perrell. “Oh, yes, yes, thanks, that’s what I meant, my fingers are just a bit clumsy”. My fingers and apparently the spelling part of my brain. Ain’t technology grand?


Katie said...

I love Glenn Beck! His wife sounds really great, too (sad though that he left the Catholic Church for mormonism!) I actually found a local 9/12 project group so dh and I have been going to their monthly meetings, it's great. I'll have to find that 20/20 segment online!

Good luck with the bats!!

Oh, dh and I were looking at the menu on vh1 or something and they had these different decades of a show dealing with sex. The '50s were labeled "oppressive" of course, then the '60s were free love and the '70s were the sexual revolution or something, and then what were the '80s? AIDS AND STDS.

Gee, anyone see a connection there????

Anne Marie said...

I didn't know he had been Catholic. Well reversion happens and with the grace of the sacraments imprint on a soul you never know when the Truth will prevail.

I wonder if she had been Mormon?

Katie said...

From what I understand from reading his books, he was raised Catholic, fell away, met his current wife, who was not an official member of any church, and together they converted to Mormonism. I'm praying he'll come back home one day and bring his wife with him!

Katie said...

Oh and I gave you an award!