Thursday, July 16, 2009

On Small Business Running For Cover Under the Obama Regime

My Husband and I are small business people. Being in the construction trade we are particularly hard hit by the current economic conditions. God continues to bless us, but it’s still unclear if our business will survive, and we are very actively exploring other means of livelihood.

Victor Davis Hanson at NRO writes on the physiological impact of the Obama presidency.

For the wheat farmer, electrical contractor, and 20-person law firm, the strategic calculus now goes something like this: “I think I just lost about 20 percent of next year’s income to pay for more income, health-care, state, sales, and payroll taxes, so I won’t be buying that tractor, doing any more Saturday jobs, or hiring that new litigator.” Worse still, many may add, “I will begin reducing or hiding income, avoiding taxes, and dealing in barter to save my business — rather than paying for vast new dubious entitlements for someone else.”

Worse still, businesses see long trends ahead that in their reckoning are disturbing. They realize that even though they will soon be paying whopping new taxes, these contributions will neither balance the budget (given the new spending) nor win them any psychosocial satisfaction from “paying their fair share.”

Thank you Victor for giving voice to the small businessperson’s plight.

Read the rest here.

Jesus, I put my trust in you.

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