Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11, 2001

September 11, 2001 – The day everything changed. I took a call from Hubby and wanted to believe he was telling me was one of his silly jokes, knowing in my heart he wouldn’t joke about such a thing. Watching the towers fall, checking in with our office, watching a bit more, stunned as the Pentagon was hit, stumbling out of our home into a magnificently warm, sunny, fall day looking around our little farm in disbelief, it wasn’t right, a nice warm sunny day, all so surreal, heading up to Hubby’s job site later in the day past the lines of cars at the gas stations, crying, crying all the way. Crying, crying for weeks, crying today in Mass as we sang America The Beautiful.

September 11, 2001 – The day everything changed. Watching the towers fall the scales began to fall, an instant understanding that good and evil exist. All the moral relativism spewed out all over us at the UofM and USC was crap. If evil exists, good exists. I want the good, where is the good? Moving inch by little inch closer to God, throwing off the putrid cloak of my urbane sophistication, my superiority, my aloof rejection of the simplicities of faith. Crying out to God, for myself, for my country, for those who lost their lives, for the children on the planes, for the children still at home, for us all.

And there, thru the dust and tears, through the twisted metal and rubble, thru the haze and confusion that comes with a world view changed in an instant stood Jesus. Patient, loving, kind, and good, there is the Good. Jesus Christ, true God and true man ready to take me back, to love me, to teach me, to feed me his body, blood soul and divinity, ready to guide me as I journey this side of the veil. O King of Kings, Lord of Lords, I offer my life to you and thank you, for in your mercy you have called me, a sinner, by name and I will live to praise you forevermore.

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