Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Bully at the Christian School

My stomach is turning. Literally. I’m having a physical reaction, a very deep, almost primal reaction to one of my son’s classmates harassing him. Not sure it that’s a typical Mom reaction, or if it’s more a reflection of a tendency I have toward a hot temper.

This kid is the pest of his grade and one of my son’s best friends was pulled out midyear last year due to this kid’s bullying.

The new year hasn’t improved the situation apparently.

We send our son to a Christian school, and frankly I don’t expect to have him taunted by a pint-sized tyrant.

Our son’s history of physical abuse at the hands of his birth father, and the effect of that abuse is something we are just beginning to work through with counseling. We are working to heal the scars on his heart, and this is not helping.

He made the most chilling comment today, saying he was glad his friend isn’t this child’s target any longer since he can take the harassment better than his friend. It breaks my heart that it doesn’t seam to occur to him that NO ONE should have to be picked on by this kid, that he thinks he needs to be a shield. It also breaks my heart that he’s been keeping this harassment to himself for the most part, he hasn’t let us know how bad it had become, but it popped out and now that we know we need to address the situation.

Nothing worked for his friend last year, so maybe home schooling is in our future too. It is the only way our son will receive a Catholic education, so perhaps this will be a blessing in disguise.

Any suggestions on dealing with bullying in school?

St. Elizabeth Anne Seaton, pray for us.

Friday, October 2, 2009

7 Quick Takes

Jen@Conversion Diary is hosting 7 Quick Takes. Thanks Jen.



My son is not a football player, and apparently neither is any of the kids on his team. They have amassed a total of 5 first downs in the three games they have played, and have been mercyed by half time in every game. Saturdays have been painful.

He sure looks cute in the uniform though!! And he cut quite a striking figure all geared up pads, helmet and all mowing the lawn, caring for the animals, etc. etc. I think he would have slept in that uniform if he could have.


Football Mom

I am in possession of a football sticker on my back window, and I’ve got to say it’s affected my driving. I now find it necessary to take evasive maneuvers when confronted with those traveling the roads with a bit less urgency than that of the ubiquitous soccer mom.

For example I now make a right and then make a Uie when running tight for school rather than wait patiently in a turning lane while granny allows all traffic to clear before pulling out. Today I even passed two cars on surface streets in the rain to make it to Mass on time after dropping the boy at school.

Yes, it’s all true what they say about soccer (football) moms and their driving. I’m living proof.


Keepin the Winter Blues Away

The days are getting shorter and colder here in the Midwest, and I can feel myself going into hibernation mode. For me that means flirting with the winter blues, but I’ve found something that really works well to help keep my mood even keel.

Omega – 3. Specifically from wild caught salmon. They eat a lot of salmon in Alaska, and I noticed a few years ago when visiting that eating all that salmon really put me in a good mood, even with the dark cold days in Juneau.

Fresh salmon is difficult to come by in the Midwest, and expensive, but I get the same great results from the wild caught salmon in a pouch. I make dips and put it into recipes even into soup.

Excellent protein and a super mood booster can’t beat that.


Daily Mass

School’s in session and getting to daily Mass is so much simpler. What a blessing to receive our Lord daily.

Also and excellent mood booster.


I want to develop a web site profiling everyday entrepreneurs from every day communities. Some large businesses, some small businesses but all men and women working to make a living, providing products and services and jobs to their communities and living the American dream and having a positive impact on those around them.

I am sick to death of seeing our way of life undermined and criticized in the public arena.

I’m trying to learn Dreamweaver to bring this idea to fruition. Any suggestions for a crash course would be appreciated. There isn’t a class locally for a while and I’ve got a lot to learn.


What a cool site!! I’ve wanted to get a grip on my eating habits for a very long time. is super simple and makes tracking daily calories, carbs, protein etc so easy.

If you are interested in finding a site to help motivate and track food and fitness this is the place.


Prayer Request

Please pray for all children in foster care seeking adoptive families.

Hubby and I are in the discernment process on a second adoption. The boy is 9 years old and a grade behind our son. He has been moved three times since he came into care in May 2008 and is currently being moved because of an adoption falling out.

We are going very slowly, neither of us is convinced this is our child, but we want to leave the door open to whatever God has in store for him and our family.

St. Thomas More, Pray for Us.