Thursday, April 8, 2010

Total Consecration – In the Way of St. Louis de Monfort

Day Fourteen

Do not fear to resign yourself entirely to the will of others. But what great matter is this, if you who are but dust and a mere nothing submit yourself to man for God’s sake, when I the Almighty, and the most High, Who created all things out of nothing for thy sake, humbly subjected Myself to man.

Imitation: Of the obedience of a humble heart; after the example of Jesus Christ

I became the most humble and the most abject of all men, that you might overcome your pride. Learn O dust, to obey; learn to humble yourself, and how to bow under the feet of all. Learn to break your own will, and yield yourself up to all subjection.

I wonder how to reconcile this attitude with the need to address the issues of our day. How to submit humbly to the authority God has placed over our nation and the world, as Christ did to Pilate, while at the same time working to address the injustices suffered by the innocent under this same authority?

It seams a strange paradox to submit to evil while simultaneously fighting that same evil.

Our Lady, Help of Christians, Pray for Us

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