Wednesday, May 5, 2010

On The Real Presence & Our Lady from a Child's Perspective

On Sunday at a friend's first communion The Boy leaned into me after communion and said.

"I think God is showing me that his body and blood are real".

Ok, I think to myself. Typically I shut down his occasional post communion jabber, but that was an attention grabber.


"Because I had a little bit of the host stuck in my teeth so I was getting it out and when I looked at it it looked like flesh not bread." "Did you put it back in your mouth and eat it?" "Yea". "Ok, good, you need to keep the host in your mouth not take it out for a peek, ." "OK".

Sometimes I wonder if God put this child in our family because he wanted the kid on the Catholic path to heaven.

Yesterday he tells me one of his spelling words this week was Immaculate and that he used it in a sentence as follows.

"Mary is the Immaculate Conception".

His teacher said that in all her years teaching he is the only kid who used the word that way, not surprising since it's a Protestant school, but what is surprising is the teacher tells him she agrees that Mary is the Immaculate Conception.

Notes from the life of a young Catholic on the front lines.

Lord, help us to raise young warriors for your Kingdom. Amen.

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That's awesome!