Saturday, July 17, 2010

Once a Month Cooking

Seams like such a good idea. I saw it in Kimberly Hahn’s home schooling book when I began doing research. Yet, I find the whole affair somewhat overwhelming. I love the idea, the convenience, and the savings vs. eating out or grab and go fast food, but putting it all together, OY VY. Even stringing together three weeks worth of dinner menus I’m finding daunting.

I’m using Google calendar and working to put together a Mother's Rule of Life using Holly Pierlot’s book by the same title. I love the book, I love the idea of scheduled times for prayer first and other daily tasks, I love getting our boy more involved in the occupation of daily living from food prep & laundry to property maintenance and reading company P&Ls, but the dinner thing, this is challenging me? What the heck?

I’m in hyper organization mode as I’m looking ahead to full time mothering, academic coaching, and of course continuing to run the admin side of our businesses. Hubby is predicting that the boy and I will be a loggerheads before long, and it’s true that he can get into a push the envelop mode with me that he generally does not with his Dad, but I believe our first few weeks trial run have been pretty good. He likes his on line Catechism Class at the CLAA. I’m enthusiastic about having direct oversight of his studies, while at the same time allowing him the space to work through the lesson himself. I’m very hopeful about this model and about adding additional classes shortly.

So with all this on the plate, I’m looking for a way to simplify the dinner thing, but it just doesn’t really seam all that simple, and I don’t know why. I’m finding my effort at extra planning requires extra cooking as I attempt to make more of our meals from scratch. All the chopping and sautéing is exhausting, and that’s just to get the various ingredients ready for any given dish, and I don’t really pick sophisticated dishes. I keep thinking that all the work the last few days will pay off over the next three weeks or so when I can just check the calendar and grab the day’s menu from the freezer, but right now it just feels like a marathon, and I’m wondering how to sort out next month in a more graceful way.

Any suggestions would be most welcome.

St. Martha & St. Anne, pray for me.

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Katie said...

Update on how the once a month cooking goes! I should really do this, but I never seem to have the time or energy.

I really think you just have to keep plugging along with cooking from scratch, and eventually you just get used to it. Some stuff you can prepare ahead of time (like if you know you need to have diced carrots, onions, and peppers, you can do it earlier in the day, then you just have to sautee). Often times it takes me upwards of three hours to do dinner, so I try to start with whatever I can in the early afternoon (especially if we're having some kind of bread, which needs lots of time to rise).