Thursday, July 29, 2010

On GLBT Adoption

I just can’t help myself on the topic of GLBT adoption I have to jump in. Especially when all the voices chime in with, “sure it’s great, love is love, all these kids need homes and well it’s the straight community who’s abandoned them so of course they should be adopted by same sex couples, it’s only natural, proper and correct for our modern age, and plus I know a gay person!!!”.

I’m talking about a post on Facebook at the Adopt Us Kids page linking to a CNN article extolling the virtues of GLBT adoption and the entire community save one or two of us clapping in unison and proclaiming it “good, very good”.

I went on and on, far longer than useful I’m sure, and it’s likely that my voice is completely drown out by the GLBT supporters, but enough is enough someone has to speak up, and I remind myself that Jesus does not tell us we will be successful, in fact he tells us to shake the dust from our feet and move on from the towns that reject his disciples so rejection goes with the territory.

I tried to use a natural law and reason approach since any type of faith based discussion would be folly to the GLBT community.

My argument, it takes one man and one woman to create a child so we can deduce that the same configuration is nature’s best model to raise the child to maturity and that this configuration is in the best interests of the child. GLBT crowd shouts in unison, “NOOO, Bigot, Evil, Nasty”, blah, blah, blah. Good thing I was out of range or they would have spit on me!!!

This was one of my fav moves:

Might it be possible that the nature of the family should be given the same consideration as say the ecosystem? Could changes to the family structure have the same sort of unintended consequences in the lives of children as say changes in the ozone layer have in the atmosphere?

Could we perhaps consider replacing Reduce, Reuse, Recycle with Chastity, Fidelity, Self-Sacrifice in the interest of saving the human family?

I can see it plastered all over canvas diaper bags both large and small:

Chastity, Fidelity, Self-Sacrifice – Love Your Spouse & Children - Do Your Part For Humanity Today!!!!

Lord, forgive your irascible servant, and hear my prayers for those who persecute me. Amen.

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Well put!