Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Reaction to Homeschooling – Didn’t See That One Coming

Really, I didn’t see it. My mother’s jaw dropping to the table, the awkward elephant in the room discomfort from my brother and sister as if they were suddenly talking to a Martian. It’s been a bit weird really. Homeschooling seams quite normal to me, maybe because I hang out with a lot of home schoolers, well electronically at least and some IRL. Apparently it’s not really so mainstream as it seams to me.

Hubby thinks we need to come up with some talking points to explain, but I don’t really give two shakes of a rat’s backside what everyone else thinks. He does though so I guess perhaps I should give it some consideration.

I imagine this Martian amongst us reaction must be what large families run into, but I have to ask myself when exactly did the drinking the cool aid become so very fashionable? When did we become so homogenized, and who exactly set the American standard, and is it working? Seriously, if I’m the Martian because I want to spend time with my son, because he has some needs that only his Father and I can appropriately meet at this time, I have to ask, “How’s it working out running your kids to and fro to be cared for by others, while you see them for ½ hour in the morning and maybe 2 hours at night?”

So now I’m the odd one because I want to parent my son full time rather than part time. Oh well, I’ve been the odd one out before, like at every baby shower I’ve ever attended, it’s not new territory for me.

Yes, Mom, John, Cheryl, Renee, etc., etc., I’m confident the child will continue to enjoy the company of his peers on a regular basis, in fact his classmates are from around the world, he was chatting with some CLAA kids in Australia today, but you can bet your cool aid cocktail they won’t be his primary influence for 50% of his waking hours each day, and that will be a good thing.

St. Don Bosco, Ora Pro Nobis.


Katie said...

Most of the people I know homeschool, so I'm always caught off guard when someone reacts negatively to it!

Abigail said...

Welcome to the odd life of a home-schooler! Don't worry. In 6 months to 3 years, almost everyone in your family will come around to the idea. Either they will see the amazing benefits to your son, or the Holy Spirit will send enough "normal" home-school kids into their path that they will stop worrying so much about it.

(It's sort of ironic that you personally have waited a life-time to get a chance to parent a child and now you're getting crazy looks from your family for voluntarily extending the time each day that you get to spend around your beloved son!)

Lisa Ann Homic, M.Ed. D.C. said...

I found your blog from Jennifer's conversion diary. People just don't think beyond their own noses. I wish i could home school, but my husband thinks kids should be bullied (really to make him tough) and play in the school band (as if there is no other band). he goes to a catholic school which i love. I know a lot of home schooling parents. I don't vaccinate and that's another topic people just don't leave you alone with.