Thursday, October 6, 2011

When Living and Blogging About Our Catholic Faith Runs Afoul With the Fam

Hummm.  Sooooo.  Turns out living the Catholic faith out loud can ruffle a few feathers with the family.  What to do when every life choice I make stands in stark contrast to both of our families, and it seams to cause a bit of discomfort?  Stop living the faith?  No I don’t think so.  Stop writing about living the faith?  Maybe for a while.

Interesting that the discomfort all seams to be one way, as in Hubby and I are fine with our life choices and don’t feel it’s really our business about the choices of others in the family, but our choices appear to create discomfort in others.  I can’t help wondering if it’s the discomfort of conviction, but perhaps that presumptuous. 

Homeschooling = we are nut jobs

Homesteading = we are nut jobs

Rejecting IVF = we are judgmental and hurting our nieces & nephews who are IVF conceived

Rejecting Contraception = yea, easy for you you’re infertile

Rejecting Consumption = what the heck is the matter with you have you gone off the deep end why don’t you care what Oprah & Cosmo say?

So we’ve found ourselves at an interesting crossroads with an odd deep gulch developing and family members who all wear an expression as if they just smelled pooh when we enter the room.  Sort of a, “sush, the freaks have just arrived, act natural and maybe they will leave us alone, and not get any of their odd goo all over us,” kind of a thing. 

And I’m not sure how to bridge the gap, but I am sure I don’t want to live on the other side of that gap, so now what?  Can’t have a conversation about learning how to skin a chicken this year.  Don’t want to have a conversation about Jennifer Aniston’s appearance.  Not much left to talk about, and I’m sad.

Our Lady, Queen of Peace.  Pray for us.

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